Data Innovation Lab

Organize, analyze and visualize data

The TUM Data Innovation Lab (TUM-DI-LAB) is an educational and research internship for TUM master's students who are interested in researching new data-led processes tailored to practical interdisciplinary tasks. The event takes place in both the summer and winter semesters.

Apply expertise – share experience

As a Lab partner, you propose a data analysis project and act as a mentor together with our staff, supervising students during the project. As a company, you can therefore expect to recruit experienced graduates with outstanding analytical skills. 

Becoming a partner

Our Lab is open to partners from all TUM faculties, other universities, research institutions, and companies interested in the research and development of data analysis.


Contact person

If your institution or company is interested in a partnership with the TUM-DI-LAB or you have general inquiries, please contact Dr. Ricardo Acevedo Cabra, Coordinator & Project Manager of the TUM Data Innovation Lab (TUM-DI-LAB).


Susanne Deuke

Susanne Deuke

Room: MI 02.12.054
Tel: +49 (0)89 289 17350 
deuke (at)

Information for Students

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