Cooperation opportunities for companies

The TUM Department of Mathematics is among the most attractive locations for studying mathematics in Germany and provides students with the best possible preparation for the increasingly demanding world of work. Because we know: companies in industry and commerce seek young professionals who have already acquired practical experience during their studies and, preferably, been abroad.

If you seek qualified and motivated interns for your company, have exciting tasks for working students, or offer graduates interesting career opportunities, then contact us. We promise you will find top qualified mathematicians at TUM! You will also find a selection of possible models for cooperation – further, we are glad to cater to your individual needs.


Recruiting: Options for companies

At the TUM Department of Mathematics there are several lecture series and advanced training programs in which companies can actively participate. You benefit from getting to know the talented mathematicians of tomorrow! 

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Research Cooperations and Workshops

A thesis that has practical relevance – many students find this an exciting prospect. Do you have an idea for a research alliance?

Final thesis

The prospect of completing a student project or final thesis in a research or company setting is of great interest to students. We would be glad to accommodate your project or discuss possible research cooperations with you.


Equally, we are always happy to receive inquiries from companies that want to work with students and provide special support to talented people in workshops orientated towards future employment. Regardless of whether the content concerns hard or soft skills: seminars are the ideal setting for cultivating a proactive approach, team spirit, commitment, and creativity among tomorrow’s management – discover the TUM’s mathematical talent!

Research cooperations

Are you interested in long-term cooperation, for example on research projects in the context of doctoral programs? We would be glad to speak to you about opportunities for you to participate.


Florian Lindemann

Dr. Florian Lindemann

Dr. Florian Lindemann looks forward to receiving your queries and referring you, where necessary, directly to the colleague who can best assist you.


Slide mats

The huge parabola slide, which stretches from the third floor down to the ground floor of the Magistrale in the TUM Department of Mathematics, is much loved both by students and the numerous campus visitors. For the fast and furious ride through both branches of the parabola, we always need new mats. We would be glad to print your company logo on them.

Further sponsoring opportunities

We would also be glad to inform you of further sponsoring opportunities, including those related to TUM events. Interested? Please contact Susanne Deuke.   

Information for Students

Start your career now. Find out more about research cooperations, workshops and other offers on our Career Service.