Predicting and influencing the behavior of groups based on mathematical models

(Foto: Andreas Battenberg/TUM)

For a long time, mathematical modelling of social systems and dynamics was considered in the realm of science fiction. But predicting, and at once influencing human behavior is well on its way to becoming reality. Professor Fornasier and his team have recently proven mathematical statements that demonstrate how surprisingly easy it is to automatically generate precise models and to control them for specific, relatively simple group interactions based on observed dynamics data. More


Science Slam "Berlin vs. München"

It was a truly spectacular event that was broadcasted live to an excited audience of about 1200 people in Berlin and Garching. The so-called “Science Slam” was a premium battle between the two technical universities of Munich and Berlin, fought with nothing but words and science. Based on the respective amount of applause received, the winner was chosen by the audience itself. Six junior scientists, three of each faction, gave performances of pi*e minutes (about 8 minutes) on mathematical topics from the collaborative research centre “Discretization in Geometry and Dynamics “. The contestants did a fantastic job on the challenge to present the most difficult topics in their field of research in an entertaining and illustrative way. For minutes, the crowd gave standing ovations, delighted by their performance. more (German)


TUM Professor of Mathematics Barbara Wohlmuth receives renowned Leibniz prize

The German Research Foundation (DFG) has awarded the most prestigious German research award, the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz prize, to 44-year-old professor of mathematics Barbara Wohlmuth. Barbara Wohlmuth holds the Chair of Numerical Mathematics at the TUM Department of Mathematics. By awarding the prize, the committee honors her outstanding scientific contribution to the theoretical study of mortar domain decomposition methods. The prize is endowed with a research budget of 2.5 million euros. more (German)


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