TopMath: The direct path from Bachelor's to Doctorate degree

TopMath is an elite graduate program of the Elite Network of Bavaria Pfeil offered to outstanding students, allowing them to receive a doctoral degree in Mathematics (Dr.rer.nat. - equals PhD) after a total of 6 years of study at university.

Structure of the TopMath program

The TopMath program consists of:
  • the elite part study program in mathematics (elite Bachelor phase) and the
  • doctoral program with parallel Master (TopMath doctoral degree/phase of graduation).

Most of the students pass both study programs one after another. The elite Bachelor program serves as a preparation for the consecutive doctoral graduation. However, it is possible to enter the TopMath doctoral program directly. Further information on entry into the doctoral phase is available here.

The new structure of the TopMath program


The Structure of TopMath Program consists of

  • Elite Master Study Program in Mathematics (PreDoc- and Masterphase)


  • Doctoral Program in Mathematics (Doctoralphase)

TopMath begins with enrollment on a research-oriented Elite Master’s course. The first two semesters (PreDoc phase) are usually devoted to finding and becoming involved in challenging research-oriented work in mathematics and thus prepare participants for the transition to the doctoral program. In this phase, students follow a tailor-made curriculum comprising lectures, seminars and individual research. From the beginning, they are intergrated into the scientific community by their mentoring preofessor.

Thereafter, from the second year of the study in the TopMath Program, the elite Master’s program and the doctoral program will be completed in parallel.

After these two years, TopMath students are expected to complete their Master’s thesis and concentrate on their doctoral project, which usually takes another four semseters.

The transition directly from the Bachelor's degree to the doctoral program is inter alia accomplished by:

Excellent Study Conditions

  • individual supervision by a professor as a personal mentor
  • early introduction to current research topics
  • "Independent Studies", which allow students to specialize in their individual field of interest.
  • studies together with outstanding young researchers
  • attendance at international workshops and conferences, supported by the program

Attractive Additional Offers

  • Funded stays abroad during Bachelor and doctoral studies
  • Access to interdisciplinary seminars of the Elite Network of Bavaria and its co-operation partners
  • Comprehensive selection program-intern workshops, seminars, events, etc.
  • Preparation for leadership positions in research and economy
  • Cooperation with other modules of the Elite Network of Bavaria Pfeil
  • Awards for outstanding study results

TopMath is directed towards the best national and international students of applied mathematics with pronounced interest in research and the desire to pursue their mathematical goals autonomously. Students are expected to have:

  • extraordinary performance in a mathematical study program (including Mathematics in Finance and Actuarial Science, Mathematics in Science and Engineering (Technomathematik), etc.)
  • above average capabilities and motivation
  • ability to independently acquire mathematical content
  • mathematical creativity

Enrollment for the TopMath program is possible at TUM or at the University of Augsburg (German pages) Pfeil.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

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