Application deadline

until the 18th of February 2018

Program start

  • winter semester: (lecture period: mid- October until mid- February) or
  • summer semester: (only under special circumstances; lecture period: mid- April until End of July)

Criteria for Acceptance into Elite- Master program (TopMath)

  • Excellent grades in a mathematics Bachelor program or equivalent, which lasts a minimum of 6 semesters
  • Ability to carry out basic research and work in a scientific and methodological way
  • Keen interest in independent and creative work
  • Exceptional motivation and potential for achievement for Elite Master program in Mathematics

Application procedure

1. Prepare your documents

Please note there are different requirements for TUM bachelor graduates and for external graduates.

Documents for TUM bachelor graduates for external graduates
Transcript of Records (TOR) An unauthenticated print-out from TUMonline is sufficient. TOR with courses equivalent to a minimum of 120 credits or, in case of non-european higher education system, at least two thirds of the overall necessary examinations in a Bachelor programm, which lasts a minimum of 6 semesters. The Transcript of Records must be issued and certified accordingly by the appropriate examination authority or by the appropriate Admissions Office. Please read the information on certified copies and certificates of our Admission Office.
Curriculum of the underlying university degree not required TopMath Curricular Analysis
Curriculum Vitae Please submit it in table format see requirements for TUM bachelor graduates
Letter of Motivation A written statement (Letter of Motivation) describing the reasons for wishing to be admitted to the Elite- Master program TopMath. This Letter of Motivation should be written in English or German and should be maximal 2 A4-pages long. It should explain why your specific abilities and interests (please see the criteria above) make you a good candidate for the Elite Master program TopMath. see requirements for TUM bachelor graduates
Essay A written mathematical essay, in English or German, approximately 10000 characters in length. Essay themes will be announced here in any case no later than on 1 st of October each year. see requirements for TUM bachelor graduates
declaration A declaration that the essay and letter of motivation is the candiates's own work, and that the candidate has clearly identified any ideas stemming from outside sources, must be submitted. see requirements for TUM bachelor graduates
Proof of English Language Skills If you have not completed your education officially in English nor German, you must provide proof of sufficient language skills in English OR German. Please refer to the main university websites to find out about which English or German language certificates are acceptable. Please send us a certified copy of your language certificate. see requirements for TUM bachelor graduates
VPD certificate not required Applicants with a qualification for graduate studies (e.g. a bachelor's degree) obtained in a country outside of the EU/EEA who are not already enrolled at TUM or have not successfully completed preparatory studies at a Studienkolleg in Germany are required to have their application documents verified before submission by the University Application Service for International Students (uni-assist e.V.). Uni-assist will issue a VPD certificate.

2. Start your online application. You can apply from 18.12.2017 until 18.02.2018

online application

Please take the time to read the details carefully and to fill out the form duly and attentively.

Please choose the following:
  • by "Type of studies": "Elite Master´s program" and
  • by "Degree program": "Mathematik mit zusätzlichen Promotionsstudiengang Mathematik"

After you have filled out all forms, with the help of this system you may print out an "Application for Admission".
Please send all required documents via mail to the address printed on the "Application for Admission", which is:

Agnieszka Baumgärtel
Boltzmannstr. 3
D-85748 Garching

3. Reviewing of your documents

After reviewing your documents, the Examination Committee of TopMath will screen whether you will be:

  • admitted directly or
  • rejected or
  • invited to come in for an interview

In case of direct admission or rejection you will be notified at the end of February 2018.

The interview period is from the end of February until the end of March.

We let you know the exact date one week before. Normally your interview will take place at the Faculty of Mathematics at TUM. An interview via Adobe Connect is possible in case you are living abroad. In any case, your interview will take 20 to 30 minutes. The interview will address the following aspects:

  • Ability to carry out basic research and work in a scientific and methodological way. The applicant should show interest in topics related to the field of study and in and dealing with questions in a scientific way
  • Prove existing knowledge from previous study - e.g. outlining the solution for the given math problem
  • Show keen interest in independent and creative work- e.g. a presentation of a math problem you find interesting and might like to work on
  • Exceptional motivation and potential for achievement. The applicant is willing and able to spend more time on interesting math problems beyond the lectures and exercise

If you are invited for an interview we will let you know the results of your application 2 weeks after your interview.

4. Once you’ve been accepted into the program...

  • You have to pay semester fees
  • You have to submit the following documents in order to enroll at TUM:

Documents for TUM bachelor graduates for external graduates
Bachelor’s Degree or Comparable Qualification for Admission If you proceed directly after your TUM Bachelor to the Elite- Master program TopMath your diploma will be submitted to the Student Registration Office automatically. An official certified copy of the undergraduate degree must be submitted by the beginning of the Elite- Master program TopMath via mail to the address printed on the "Application for Admission".
Proof of sufficient Health Insurance already confirmed In Germany, all students must have health insurance, i.e. you must have proof of sufficient insurance in order to be able to enroll at a German university.

We recommend that you submit all required documents before the semester begins, as enrollment is not possible until all documents have been received. If you are not officially enrolled at TUM, you cannot register for courses or examinations, nor can you be issued a student ID card or semester ticket.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via e- mail:


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