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What are the Eligibility Requirements for a Master of Mathematics Study Program at the TU München?

  • For the Master’s study program Mathematics: A qualified Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics or Physics or comparable study programs.
  • For the Master’s study program Mathematical Finance and Actuarial Science: A qualified Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Physics or comparable study programs.
  • For the Master’s study program Mathematics in Science and Engineering: A qualified Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Engineering Mathematics, Physics or comparable study programs.
  • For the Master’s study program Mathematics in Operations Research: A qualified Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics or comparable study programs.
  • For the Master’s study program Mathematics in Bioscience: A qualified Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Physics or comparable study programs.

A qualified university degree exists when it encompasses the completion of examinations, the examination achievements where a scientifically-oriented relevant Bachelor of Mathematics study program is equivalent to the one at the Technische Universität München and of the requirements of the respective Master’s study program.

See also: Attachment 3 "Basics from the TUM Bachelor of Mathematics study program" in the corresponding Examination Regulations.

Curricula of the respective study programs and module handbooks can be found here:
   Curriculum Master Study Programs
   Curriculum BSc Mathematics
   Module Handbook Mathematics

Whether a degree is equivalent to the TUM degree or if a degree that does not stem from the areas in one of the study programs mentioned above comparable is, can only be established during the course of the official application procedure.

What is the purpose of the assessment interviews?

The interview is meant to reveal whether the applicant can independently and responsibly be expected to successfully achieve the goal of the study program. The interview extends to the applicant’s motivation with regard to the Master’s program, the applicant’s ability to work in a basic scientific and method-oriented way, and the specialized knowledge acquired from the applicant’s first degree program.

In what language will the assessment interview be conducted?

An oral assessment interview will be conducted in German or in English.

Is an application possible in every semester?

Yes, application to a Master’s program in Mathematics is possible in every semester.

I am a student of the Department of Mathematics at the TUM and after my Bachelor’s degree I would like to do my Master’s degree. Do I have to apply?

Yes. Please apply via TUMonline! There you will be informed about the current status of your application.

Is part-time study possible?

The study program is designed for full-time study.

In what language are the courses at the TU München held? What is the language of instruction at the TU München?

Courses are offered in German as well as in English, therefore you have the best choice if you understand both languages. You may study only with English (only German would be hard since nearly all the mathematical literature is in English; a good knowledge of English is strongly recommended).

Must I pay tuition fees for a Master’s degree program at the TUM?

There are no tuition fees. Students are only required to pay the student union and basic semester ticket fees.

As a prospective foreign student, when should I apply to the Master’s program?

Applicants from abroad should generally plan in order to allow extra time for postal service, certification and for the verification of documents, as well as for the processing time required for a Visa application (for non-EU citizens).

Where do I find all of the information regarding study programs for prospective international students?

The TUM website for International Students will provide you with the most vital information pertaining to your studies in Munich.

What is the application deadline for the Master’s programs?

The application deadline for all mathematics Master study programs at the TUM is
  • for the winter semester: respectively May 31
  • for the summer semester: respectively November 30

How do I apply to a mathematics Master’s program at the TUM?

  • The application will be carried out via the TUM’s campus online system. Please fill out the registration form with the help of this system and print out the "Application for Admission". Please send all of the system’s required application documents along with the signed application form, before the application deadline, via mail to the TUM Admissions Office.
  • Please take the time to read the details thoroughly and to fill out the application accurately. Errors made during the creation of your applicant account could only be revised through the TUM Admissions Office. This brings you directly to the online registration.
  • For further information see here.

Where do I find the online application form?

The online application form and any additional information related to it can be found here. Please note that: Despite the online application, all required documents must be submitted to the Admissions Office - for the winter semester by May 31 and for the summer semester by November 30.

What documents are to be submitted?

An overview of the documents to be submitted can be found here.

In the online application under the point ‘Study Program Selection’ you are required to input the study program profile. What do I select?

Here you should select "consecutive Master’s study program".

Where do I send my completed application papers?

Please send the complete application papers to: TUM Admissions Office (Immatrikulationsamt), Arcisstraße 21, 80333 München

When is the cut-off date to submit any missing documents?

All documents must be submitted by the end of the application deadline, generally on May 31 (for the winter semester), respectively November 30 (for the summer semester). Only the Bachelor’s degree (or comparable university qualification), the proof of health insurance and a photography can be submitted by the deadline of enrollment of your first semester.

Where do I get information about the current status of my application?

To get a status update of your application, please go to TUMonline, where you will also be advised in time, about any missing or incomplete documents to be submitted. Additionally, you will be notified about Acceptance or Rejection to the program via your TUMonline Account.
Please note that: Enrollment in the Master’s Degree Program will only be carried out, if all required application documents have been completely filled out and received in time and if all tuition fees have been paid!

When will I require the appropriate proof of language proficiency?

  • Applicants who have completed their education officially in English or German needn´t provide a proof of sufficient language skills in one of them.
  • All other applicants have to provide proof of sufficient language skills in English or German.
  • Please refer to the main university websites to find out about which English or German language certificates are acceptable. Please note that you must be able to present these documents before the application deadline.

Which language certificates will be recognized by the TU München?

*Please keep in mind when planning your application that the language tests are not always possible and it takes a while until you get the result! *

Here you will find the list of recognized language certificates in English or German will be recognized by the TUM


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