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Munich - Facts and Figures

If you are looking for a general overview as to what Munich has to offer the city of Munich has an official homepage Pfeil. There you can find useful tips for living in Munich, sightseeing, accommodation and future events taking place in Munich.

Englisch Cinema's in Munich

There is an excellent Pfeil website which offers a good overview of movies in original sound. In general there is a handfull of cinemas which offer movies in their original sound on a regular basis:
  • The Museum Lichtspiele Pfeil which has a variety of movies in their original version. Which still shows the rocky horror picture show every thursday and has been doing so, since it was released.
  • The cinema Pfeil shows all mainstream movies in english and some even in 3d!
  • The Arena Kino Pfeil shows more alternative movies.
  • The Arri Kino Pfeil shows English movies and documentaries from time to time.

Theaters in Munich

There are around 60 theaters in Munich which have shows every evening. You can find the whole list here Pfeil.

Festivals in Munich

  • Of course there is the legendary Oktoberfest Pfeil which goes for two weeks and takes place every year at the Theresienwiese
  • There is the Tollwood Pfeil which takes place twice a year, once for three weeks in the sommer, and once for three weeks in december.

Sport Events in Munich

  • The Munich Marathon Pfeil which takes place once a year in Autumn.
  • When the weather is nice in the summer there is a Bladenight Pfeil once a week which involves a 10-20km Inlineskating track straight through Munich.

Nice Places to Hang around

  • The Isar runs through Munich and offers many places to sit by the river and barbecue. The best places are near the Munich Zoo Pfeil in Thalkirchen.
  • The English Garden  Pfeil is one of the largest city gardens in the world and is located right in the center of Munich. Many people meet there after work and play sports or just go swimming in the rivers running through the park. There is also a standing wave where you can go river surfing Pfeil.

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