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TUMonlineexternal is a campus management system which integrates and networks all study-related processes at TUM. Here you can find all courses offered by all faculties of the TUM. Even without prior registration you are able to browse through the different faculties and look for courses which suit your curriculum.
To help you get started you can find a complete overview of the TUMOnline system on the web pages of our Campus Mangement.

Mathematical courses

Essentially all courses offered by the TUM are rated by the European Credits Transfer System (ECTS). This also accounts for all mathematics courses offered by our faculty. From the Winterterm 2012/13 onward, all postgraduate courses will be taught in English. This includes all Master courses, as well as some advanced courses in the Bachelors degree. To help guide you through the mathematics courses offered on a regular basis at the TUM, please consider this documentdocx.
Furthermore the TUMonlineexternal system offers the possibility of listing every course offered by the TUM by semester and degree. You can select the academic department and then browse through the courses offered in the current term. In addition you can find the module catalogue for the courses offered by each faculty.

Lecture Notes

Many Professors upload their lecture notes in the TUM specific Moodleexternal portal. Through registering for a course over TUMonlineexternal you automatically gain access to the course notes uploaded on Moodleexternal.
Some professor prefer to upload their notes on their own sites. The login information will usually be given to you in the first few lectures of each lecture periode.

Exam registration

You have to register for exams in TUMonline if not told otherwise by the lecturer. The registration begins several weeks before the exams. Please take into account that the Exam Periode continues on for some time after the lecture periode.

Some courses have their own website where you get all information you need. You can find information about most courses in TUMonline, as well.

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  • From Winterterm 2012 onward all Master courses will be taught in English


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