Academic Affairs

Extension of your Stay

As a visiting student it is possible to study at the TUM for three semesters. If you are enjoying your stay and wish to extend your time in Germany please contact Carola Jumpertz or Julia Cyllok from the international office. You will need a written confirmation from your home university.


International students who you are studying for more than one semester at the TUM need to re-enroll external themselves before the beginning of every new term. As soon as you have transfered the student union contribution to the TUM. You can check your Tuition Fees status over the TUMonlineexternal portal. To ensure you pay these fees on time please check the Academic Calenderexternal.

Transcript of Academic Records

After completing your exams the results will be registered in the TUMonlineexternal portal. Here you can print your Transcript of Records ("Leistungsnachweis").

Bachelors or Masters Thesis


Internationales Mathematik

Raum 02.12.019
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85748 Garching b. München

Tel.: +49 (0)89 289-17552

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  • From Winterterm 2012 onward all Master courses will be taught in English


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