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Application for the
Winter Semester 2018/19 January 1 – May 31, 2018 These deadlines are valid not only for the electronic application but also for all required documents sent in via mail
Summer Semester 2019 September 1 – November 30, 2018

Cut-off periods - the postal receipt stamp at TUM is essential.

Unfortunately, it happens in practice that about one-third of thousands of applications at TUM reaches our Admissions Office during the last 10 days of the application period. This naturally leads to a bottleneck in the processing and verifying of the various documents.

Therefore please take the following hints into account:

  • If possible apply early in the application period and send your documents directly after the electronic application via mail to the TUM Admissions Office. You'll get a faster response and the chance to correct errors during the application period.

  • We strongly recommended to conclude your electronic application 2 weeks before the deadline at the latest such that your documents can reach TUM Admissions Office in time.

  • Please keep in mind that sometimes the deadline falls on a sunday or bank holiday. Especially in the end of the year there are many holidays that slow down notarizations and post delivery considerably.

Study Program and Academic Advisors

Master’s Study Program Required qualifications
(see further details below)Sort
Academic Advisor Additional Contacts
Mathematics in Data Science A qualified university degree in Mathematics, Computer Science (minor Mathematics) or comparable study programs. See attachment 3: "The Basics of Mathematics from the TUM Bachelor’s Degree Program" in the examination regulations. PD Dr. Peter Massopust
For questions about the application process:
PD Dr. Peter Massopust

For questions about study regulations:
PD Dr. Peter Massopust


Please click here to access the university's online application website.

First, set up an applicant account and fill out the registration form. Then print out the "Application for Admission" and send all of the required application documents along with the signed application form via mail to the TUM Admissions Office by the end of the application closing date.

An admission is only valid for one semester: if you received an admission but couldn't start your study (for example because you didn't manage to finish your bachelor in time) you have to launch a new application for the next semester.

Don't forget to check your TUMonline account on a regular basis to get updates on your application status!


Here you can find a list of all needed documents for external and internal applicants. Please read the information of the TUM Admission Office regarding notarization and take into account that notarization may last a long time.

Eligibility Requirements for a Master’s Degree Program in Mathematics at the TUM

The proof of a qualified university degree exists, if it includes equivalent examination achievements in relevant scientifically-based Bachelor’s degree programs in Mathematics at the Technische Universität München, and if it meets the requirements of the respective Master’s degree program.

The Bachelor’s Degree Program Student Handbook will be consulted in the course of the first step of the aptitude test.

In the period leading up to the application, please get informed about whether the courses that you have previously taken are comparable with basic courses at the TUM. Please refer to the table above "attachment 3: The Basics of Mathematics and Computer Science from the TUM Bachelor’s Degree Program" in the respective examination regulations.

Whether a degree is equivalent to the TUM degree, or if a degree that is not included in the aforementioned degree programs is comparable with the TUM degree, can only be established during the official application process.

Aptitude Test Procedure

After reviewing your documents, the Examination Committee will screen whether you will be:
  • admitted directly or
  • refused or
  • invited to come in for an interview.
Subsequent to the receipt of their application, domestic applicants will be informed about their status as soon as possible (Application to the winter semester: around July/beginning of August; Application to the summer semester: around February/March). For foreign students it may take a little bit longer.

The interview is meant to reveal whether the applicant can independently and responsibly be expected to successfully achieve the goals of the study program. The interview extends to the applicant’s motivation with regard to the Master’s program, the applicant’s ability to work in a basic scientific and method-oriented way, and the specialized knowledge acquired from the applicant’s first degree program.

During your TUM Online-Application you are free to fix your preferred interview dates from several possibilities. Please bear in mind that you have these appointments. In case you are invited to one of these fixed interview dates, you will receive an interview appointment not later than one week before

To get a status update of your application, please go to TUMonline where you will also be advised, in time, about any missing or incomplete documents to be submitted. Additionally, you will be notified about Acceptance or Rejection into the program via your TUMonline account.

Please note that: Enrollment in the Master’s Degree Program will only be carried out, if all required application documents have been completely filled out and received and if all tuition fees have been paid!


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