Ltd. Akad. Dir. Dr. Christian Kredler

kredler.jpg Director Office of Academic Affairs
Department of Mathematics, SB-S-MA
Technische Universität München
D-85748 Garching near Munich

Room: 00.10.052
Ph: +49 (0)89 289-17580
Fax: +49 (0)89 289-17579
Mobile (very urgent enquiries only): 0175 / 16 354 26
Appointments upon request

TUM Karl Max von Bauernfeind Medal

Special Representative of the President for Study Organization

  • single point of contact for all TUM departments regarding the preparations for study commencement in 2011
  • external (in cooperation with the TUM Board of Directors)
    contact person for universities, ministries, high schools, teacher and parent unions regarding questions such as
    • rising student numbers, double cohort 2011
    • special study programs 2011, e.g. TUM twoinone
    • link to the page "TUM emissaries" on

Support for university students, alumni

  • Study counseling: Mathematics in Finance and Operations Research (Diplom)
  • Support for alumni of all mathematical degree programs at TUM

Research interests

-- ChristianKredler - 20 Feb 2014

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