Titel (Deutsch): Laufende Wellen und Ausbreitung im Raum
Titel (Englisch): Travelling Waves and Spread in Space
Dozenten: Christina Kuttler
Anzahl der Plätze für Bachelor: 6
Anzahl der Plätze für Studierende anderer Fakultäten: 0

Inhalt: In many application areas, questions concerning the spread in space of particles, individuals or concentrations arise like the invasion of species into new habitats. In this seminar "Travelling waves and spread in space" we want to consider some mathematical approaches, how to deal with such questions from a mathematical perspective. We will focus on the so-called travelling waves, where ? roughly speaking ? a constant wave profile forms and moves at a constant speed in a certain direction. But also other transport systems will be considered, in combination with suitable reaction terms. Apart from analysing and possibly simulating such systems, we will include the applications of such systems, e.g. in Biology. The underlying mathematical models are mainly formulated as parabolic and hyperbolic PDEs. But special types of solutions like the travelling wave allow often to reduce the problem e.g. to ODEs. Therefore, special previous knowledge about PDEs is not required to attend the seminar successfully.
Empfohlene Voraussetzungen: Ordinary differential equations
Literatur: Chapters from several books and other original publications, dependent on the interests and previous knowledge of the participants.
Weitere Informationen: not fixed yet



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