Titel (Deutsch): Krebs-Modellierung und Simulation
Titel (Englisch): Cancer Modelling and Simulation
Dozenten: Christina Kuttler
Anzahl der Plätze für Bachelor: 6
Anzahl der Plätze für Studierende anderer Fakultäten: 2

Inhalt: Cancer is a wide-spread disease, and many scientists from different disciplines are working on a better understanding of the processes behind and on good therapies. In this seminar, we want to learn about mathematical aspects of tumour growth, and how mathematical models can be used to describe tumour evolution. This helps to understand better the mechanisms behind. Often, the dynamic behaviour is described by differential equation models. For homogeneous situations, Ordinary differential equations (ODEs) are often adequate. Partial differential equations (PDEs) allow e.g. for considering spatial models, like for a spatially heterogeneous solid tumour. Further effects, e.g. when time delays play a role, can be included by using delay differential equations or by stochastic effects. Analysis helps to understand the qualitative behaviour of these models, especially for long terms. Dependent on the interest of the participants, we may use numerical simulations for quantitative predictions of the behaviour. This seminar will be based mainly on the book ?Cancer Modelling and Simulation?, edited by Luigi Preziosi. The participants will present some of the chapters thereof.
Empfohlene Voraussetzungen: Mathematical models in Biology [MA3601]
Literatur: "Cancer Modelling and Simulation", Ed.: Luigi Preziosi; Chapman&Hall/CRC 2003
Weitere Informationen: We will have a short organisation meeting after the participants have applied (will be announced via email). In case of there are any questions before, don't hesitate to contact: kuttler@ma.tum.de



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