Titel (Deutsch): Mathematische Ökologie
Titel (Englisch): Mathematical Ecology
Dozenten: Christina Kuttler, Abhijit Ghorai
Anzahl der Plätze für Bachelor: 6
Anzahl der Plätze für Studierende anderer Fakultäten: 2

Inhalt: Biomathematics deals with the development and application of mathematical methods and models, in order to answer interesting questions appearing in Life Sciences. In our seminar we focus on questions from Ecology. The mathematical models are often differential equations (ordinary differential equations, delay differential equations, partial differential equations); corresponding methods for the analysis thereof are introduced and applied on ecological problems. The talks in the seminar are based on current original publications; the presenters additionally prepare a small handout.
Empfohlene Voraussetzungen: Ordinary Differential equations [MA 2005] Mathematical models in Biology [MA3601]
Literatur: Collection of original papers, not fixed yet (will be chosen dependent on the previous knowledge of the participants)
Weitere Informationen: will be announced later



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