ISAM Speakers Series

Tuesday, 9. May 2017
6:15 PM, MI HS 3

Mathematics and Music: How TU Munich Students Revolutionized Music Apps by Karim Morsey and Vlad Popa

In this talk two TUM alumni will highlight their journey from founding Algoriddim during college to creating their award-winning app “djay”, one of the world’s most popular music apps with over 30 million downloads. It’s a journey that shows how passion for music combined with a solid foundation in mathematics and computer science can create a lasting impact on people around the world and the entire app industry.

Speaker Bio

Karim Morsey

Karim Morsey
Karim Morsey (Photo: kindly provided by K. Morsey/Algoriddim)
Karim Morsy is CEO and co-founder of Algoriddim, a world-leading software company for music and video apps. Karim co-founded Algoriddim in 2006 together with two classmates while he was still enrolled as a student at TU Munich. His entrepreneurial impetus is accompanied by a strong academic foundation in computer science, music, and psychology. He received his diploma from TU Munich in 2010. Prior to founding Algoriddim, Karim worked at Apple Inc. developing key components of iMovie during the advent of the mobile revolution in 2006. He is an avid pianist, composer, and DJ with over 15 years of professional experience. As a speaker and artist Karim was featured in Apple’s 2016 keynote introducing the next generation in music software.

Vlad Popa

Vlad Popa
Vlad Popa (Photo: kindly provided by K. Morsey/Algoriddim)
Karim will be joined by Vlad Popa, senior software engineer at Algoriddim. Vlad received his Master’s degree in computer science and mathematics from TU Munich in 2014. He has a strong algorithmic and mathematical background. During his studies he was a key member of the TU Munich ICPC team winning numerous national and international awards. He published and presented at the renowned Formal Methods conference for Industrial Critical Systems and is now part of Algoriddim’s core R&D team working on cutting-egde signal processing algorithms.

About Algoriddim

Logo Algoriddim
Logo Algoriddim (Photo: kindly provided by K. Morsey/Algoriddim)
Algoriddim, founded in 2006, creates world-class music and video applications for desktop and mobile devices. Algoriddim’s flag ship product “djay" is available for Mac, PC, Chromebook, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Android devices. It received over 30 million downloads and won two Apple Design Awards. Algoriddim has revolutionized the DJ workflow by partnering with Spotify to give djay users instant access to millions of songs and provide cloud-based music recommendations based on what the DJ is currently playing. Used by beginners, enthusiasts and professional artists around the globe, djay provides a rich hardware ecosystem from industry-leading manufacturers enabling users to connect entry-level to high-end DJ gear to the app. Algoriddim has licensed core components of its advanced audio and video technology to world-leading tech companies such as Twitter Inc. Algoriddim has also co-branded with renowned brands including PRODUCT(RED), Apple Music Festival, Spotify, David Guetta, Microsoft, and Philips

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