The central part of being a PhD student at our department is to work on your dissertation project, which is based at one of our seventeen mathematics research groups and their cooperation partners in science, engineering, and industry.

ISAM offers and coordinates an accompanying diverse and sophisticated program of mathematical lectures, colloquia and other scientific and social events:

  • A list of news, events and activities can be found here.

  • For details about ISAM's yearly Summer School, go to: Summer School

Through its umbrella organisation, the TUM Graduate School (TUM GS), ISAM

  • provides a research budget for each student to facilitate visits of international conferences, invite research visitors or spend up to three months abroad.

International Research Phase

Financial support is available to doctoral candidates of the TUM Graduate School for their international research period. To apply for refunding of the costs connected with your stay abroad, you need to fill up this application form in german or english. Additionally, you need to hand in a successful “intermediate evaluation” (Zwischenevaluierung) from your supervisor. More information to this you can find in the statute of GS (§15.6, 15.7 und 16.2.c) in english or german.

Together with the filled application form and the intermediate evaluation, you have to hand in all original bills and receipts, no copies. If you have more smaller bills, you should glue them on a DINA4 piece of paper. You should hand in all these documents to ISAM first. There they will be checked and signed and afterwards ISAM will forward them to TUM-GS. Please, be aware of that it is not possible to refund food (keine Tagespauschale).

Important: you have to provide also the IBAN and BIC numbers together with your account data!

If you have any questions concerning your international research phase, please, do not hesitate to contact the ISAM coordinator.

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