Supervision Agreement ("Betreuungsvereinbarung")
Once you have discussed the topic of your dissertation and a provisory reasearch plan with your supervisor, you are ready to fill out and sign your supervision agreement. This is an important element of our program, which provides structure and helps you set milestones for your thesis. The work plan should be regularly checked and adjusted if necessary!
You can download the supervision agreement

in German:

ISAM Betreuungsvereinbarung

or in English:

ISAM Supervision Agreement

Please note that in addition to your supervisor you must also select a second mentor (who must also sign the supervision agreement). Your mentor can, but does not have to be the second supervisor of the dissertation. Doctoral mentors can also come from industry and be more of a coach who supports you with personal and professional advice. For further information about mentoring, check out the TUM GS Mentoring Service or TUM's Mentoring for Scientists

Interim Evaluation ("Zwischenevaluierung")
After one or at the latest two years, an interim evaluation of the PhD project is carried out in order to determine whether the project is being successful and shall continue or if any adjustments should be made. The background for this evaluation consists of
- a lecture given to the general public at the university or a presentation at an academic conference, and
- a written summary of results or a scientific publication

Supervisor and mentor confirm and amend this report so that the PhD project can subsequently be brought to a conclusion. This can be either through an informal letter to the ISAM Coordinator or using this form:

Bestätigung Zwischenevaluation

Application for the Internationalization Voucher
After a successful interim evaluation, you can get financial support (up to 1600 Euro/3000 Euro) for:
- Research at an academic institution or a research-based industrial company abroad
- Presentation of your research findings at several international conferences
- Joint research with international guest scientists at the TUM. Multiple doctoral candidates can use their resources together
For research in international facilities for a period longer than 4 weeks you can apply for additional funding up to 1400 Euro.

Members of ISAM with entry date to the doctoral candidacy list after January 1st, 2014, can complete their application for financial support of an internalization project via the platform DocGS.

Members of ISAM with entry date before January 1st, 2014, must hand in the following filled application form (in German or in English), as well as the Interim Evaluation, and all original bills and receipts you want to get reimbursement for: No copies! Please, be aware of that it is not possible to refund food (no "Tagespauschale") and that you need to provide the IBAN and BIC numbers of your bank account.
Hand all the required documents to the ISAM Coordinator who will check and sign them and then forward it to the TUM-GS.

If you have questions or need help preparing the application, please don't hesitate to contact the ISAM Coordinator

Certificate of Attendance
In order to complete your scientific curriculum (and to verify in doc-gs that you did so), please make sure to request a certificate of attendance for every course or lecture you attended. The participation in any academic event you took part in at TUM may be certified by either an inofficial letter or the filled in certificate of attendance, each signed by the instructor.

certificate of attendance


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