ISAM - TopMath Autumn School 2013

"Optimal Control, Stochastic and Mixed Integer Programming in Energy Management"

October 14th - 17th, 2013
at the Technische Universität München organized by P. Gritzmann, A. Taraz and M. Ulbrich

with lectures by Günter Leugering (Erlangen), Alexander Martin (Erlangen) and Rüdiger Schultz (Duisburg).

Many of today‘s important questions in the field of Energy such as power distribution, energy efficiency and load balancing are addressed with techniques from mathematical optimization. In this autumn school, PhD students will get an overview about the standard methods and their use for energy-related problems.

The school addresses PhD students working in Optimization or related fields. Interested PhD students should send their applications to Eva Seedig ( by August 18, 2013. Prospective students should briefly describe their motivation in the topic and their background in optimization, their own area of expertise and give the name(s) of their supervisor.

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