Global Challenges for Women in Math Science

This program aims at promoting and demonstrating excellency of female mathematicians as well as developing international contacts and cooperations. There are two award categories, each with different levels:

Achievement Awards

The best mathematics female students at the levels Bachelor and Masters receive a prize in the form of financial support for enhancing mathematical education or presenting research results:


  • 1rst Year: Book or software
  • 2nd Year: Refund for a software course
  • 3rd Year: Refund for an international Summer School for Bachelor students


  • 1rst Year: Refund for a workshop or an international Summer School
  • 2nd Year: Refund for an international conference

These awards are granted on the basis of the students' grades and will be selected by the students service office. The chosen students will be contacted in November each year.

Entrepreneurial Awards

Doctoral candidates can apply for the Junior Level; Post-docs, Professors and other faculty members can apply for both the Junior and Senior levels suitable to the described objectives. The awards to which both male and female candidates may apply are marked with " (m/f) ":


  • Presentation of research results at an international conference
  • Research stay at an international research institution
  • Research stay at the TUM Center for Mathematics
  • Invitation of a female mathematician for a short research stay of max. 1 month to the TUM Mathematics Department (m/f)
  • Financial support for an international female doctoral candidate (m/f)


  • Research stay at an international research institution (max. 2 months)
  • Invitation of an international female mathematician for a research stay of max. 2 month (m/f)
  • Financial support for an application to an international granting agency
  • Organisation of a workshop for female mathematicians (m/f)

Application Documents

  • CV
  • Project's description and motivation (1-2 pages)
  • Invitation letter and guest researcher's CV (if applicable)
  • Conference or workshop program (if applicable)
  • Reference letter
  • Budget plan with estimated costs


Applications must be submitted by December 1st of each year. The selection is made before the Christmas Holidays.


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