Welcome prospective graduate students! The Faculty of Mathematics at TUM, with its excellent research groups and collaborative programs, offers an attractive and stimulating environment for your doctorate in mathematics. It is one of the most international departments of mathematics in Germany, and all graduate courses are taught in English.
We offer different ways to a doctoral degree:

The standard doctorate offered at our department corresponds to the traditional path to a doctorate in Germany. In this case, you are supervised and supported by one of the Professors of the Faculty, with whom you agree on a dissertation topic. The focus in this path lies on your own scientific work and the production of your doctoral thesis; it demands being proactive and responsible, but it also offers a lot of flexibility. At our department, all graduate students pursuing a doctoral degree on the standard path automatically become members of the Faculty’s Graduate Center, the International School of Applied Mathematics (ISAM), which offers a complementary program supporting their academic, personal, and professional development, and enhancing research and graduate networking.

TopMath is an elite graduate program of the Elite Network of Bavaria (ENB) offered to outstanding students, allowing them to receive a doctoral degree in Mathematics after a total of 6 years of study at university.

The TopMath program consists of:
  • the elite part study program in mathematics (elite Bachelor phase) and
  • the doctoral program with parallel Master of Science (TopMath doctoral degree/phase of graduation).

Most of the students pass both study programs one after another. The elite Bachelor program serves as a preparation for the consecutive doctoral graduation. However, it is possible to enter the TopMath doctoral program directly. Further information on the entry in the doctoral phase is available here.

Enrollment for the TopMath program is possible at TUM or at the University of Augsburg.

The international research training group (IGDK) “Optimization and Numerical Analysis for Partial Differential Equations with Nonsmooth Structures” is funded by German Research Foundation (DFG) and Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and is a joint project of the following four universities: Technische Universität München, Universität der Bundeswehr München, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz and Technische Universität Graz.

The IGDK concept for a successful education of doctoral students is based upon bilateral supervision, mentoring, and performance control. Simultaneously we encourage the doctoral students to early scientific independence. The study program consisting of lectures, compact courses, and summer schools will provide the knowledge of state-of-the art methods for numerical analysis and optimization of problems governed by PDEs.

General Information about the IGDK Munich - Graz can be found here.

All doctoral students in the IGDK at the TUM are members of the International School of Applied Mathematics (ISAM).

Application and Admission

Financing Possibilities


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