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Juli 2015
01.07. 17 Uhr Seminarraum 1, PR 35-37, Garching-Hochbrück KPMG-Talk mit Get-Together: Big Data Kathrin Ruf
06.07. 16 Uhr MI 00.09.020 Meet My Company: HVB - UniCredit Kathrin Ruf
20.-24.07. ganztägig LRZ (H.E. 008) ISAM-TopMath-IGDK-Summer School 2015 Graduate Office Mathematik

November 2015
25.11. 18 Uhr TUM IAS Faculty Club ISAM Speakers Series - J. Stark ISAM

December 2015
03.12. 16 Uhr MI 00.07.014 Meet My Company: Dynamify Kathrin Ruf

January 2016
11.-15.01. ganztägig MI-Building IGDK Compact course on Computational Inverse Problems and Uncertainty Quantification IGDK

June 2016
21.06. 16 Uhr MI HS2 ISAM Speakers Series - R. Knizia ISAM

July 2016
18.-22.07. ganztägig LRZ (H.E. 009) ISAM-TopMath-DGD Summer School 2016 Graduate Office Mathematik

May 2017
09.05. 18.15 Uhr MI HS3 ISAM Speakers Series - Karim Morsy/Vlad Popa ISAM

July/August 2017
31.7.-4.8.. ganztägig LRZ (H.E. 009) ISAM-TopMath-IGDK Summer School 2017
Poster Summer School 2017
Graduate Office Mathematik

November 2017
07.011. 18.15 Uhr MI HS3 ISAM Speakers Series - Reviel Netz ISAM


Approval of the second funding period of the IGDK Munich-Graz

After an excellent evaluation in September 2015, the DFG in Germany and the FWF in Austria approved the prolongation of the IGDK Munich-Graz until the end of February 2021 and granted an additional funding.

Since its launch in 2012, 14 dissertations were already successfully completed. All graduates have already accepted positions in academia and in industry.

For the second funding period there are open doctoral positions both in Munich and in Graz and open postdoctoral positions in Munich.

The TUM Sprachenzentrum's English Department encourages all doctoral candidates to take advantage of it's various offerings for helping you improve your English -- written and spoken. The English Writing Center, with offices on the central campus and in Garching, offers free, 45-minute, one-to-one sessions with native English speakers who are trained to help you improve your written English; bring a text to each session -- anything from a CV to a paper you're submitting for publication -- and we'll go through it with you. Learn more and sign up for sessions here:

You can make as many as three appointments per week!

Please note that the Writing Center is also looking to hire native English speakers who are students in the mathematics faculty (BSc, MSc or PhD). The job involves six hours of paid work per week and includes training in how to teach English and writing. Please find more information here:

The English Coaching program, meanwhile, is a service exclusively for professors and PhD students. Our coaches are poised to edit papers with you ("Interactive Editing"), help you prepare presentations, or sit in on classes and later review with you how you might improve your English-language teaching. More information here:

Finally, in addition to block and semester-long courses -- including a Dissertation Writers' Workshop, starting in the summer semester -- we offer self-guided English-language study using MOOCs. If you're planning to take an English-language MOOC, you can tack on English language tuition to the experience with our help. Write to Dr Heidi Minning for more information:

As part of the scholarship and supervision program (STIBET) of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the TUM Graduate School (TUM-GS) once per semester awards financial support for international doctoral candidates who are already conducting their doctoral research at the TUM. There are several forms of support available each semester. Go here for more information.


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