Registration on the Doctoral Candidacy List


In order to receive the status of o doctoral candidate, it is necessary to apply for entry into the Doctoral Candidacy List ("Promotionsliste"). Applications must be submitted online via the platform DocGS. This procedure applies for students with a German degree as well as for students with a foreign degree!

Please note: Before applying for entry into the Doctoral Candidacy List via DocGS, you should have a completed and signed supervision agreement with both your supervisor and mentor. Relevant information and documents can be found at the bottom of this page.

FAQ concerning DocGS and the application to the Doctoral Candidacy List.

The Doctoral Candidacy List of the Department is managed by the Dean's Office. If you have questions not answered by the information on this website or believe you have an exceptional situation, please contact Ms. Lydia Weber or Ms. Ruth Flechtner in the Dean's Office.

Required Documents

At the end of your application process with DocGS, a PDF file containing your request for registration on the Doctoral Candidacy List will be created. Please print this form and bring a signed copy to the Dean's Office together with the required documents listed here.

If you have a German degree, please bring your registration request form and the required documents listed above to Ms. Ruth Flechtner in the Dean's Office.

If you have a degree from a foreign university, please make an appointment in the Dean’s Office with Ms. Lydia Weber after reading the information provided below

Recognition of Foreign Degrees

Attention: Please make sure you have read the information provided above! Students with a foreign degree are also required to register via DocGS (as explained above). Additionally, students with a degree from a foreign university must have their degree evaluated by TUM in order to determine its equivalency in the German degree system. The degree will be evaluated by the dean of the department in consultation with the TUM Matriculation Office.

For a full description of the evaluation procedure, please read this overview of the recognition of foreign degrees.

To have your degree evaluated and recognised, please make an appointment with Ms. Lydia Weber in the Dean's Office. Please bring all required documents listed on the website mentioned above.

Supervision Agreement

Once you have discussed the topic of your dissertation and agreed on a provisional research plan with your supervisor, you are ready to fill out and sign your supervision agreement. This is an important part of our doctoral program, and is intended to provide structure and help you measure your dissertation progress. The research plan should be regularly consulted and adjusted as necessary!

Another important assessment tool is the interim evaluation of the dissertation. This evaluation should be made after the first or, at the very latest, second year of study in order to determine whether the dissertation is successful and should continue, or if adjustments should be made.

Forms and Templates

You can download the supervision agreement and other forms and templates at the websites of the corresponding graduate centers:

Finding a Mentor

In addition to your supervisor you must also choose a mentor (who must also sign the supervision agreement). Your mentor may, but does not have to be the second supervisor of your dissertation. Doctoral mentors can also come from an industrial branch and act as a coach who supports you with personal and professional advice. For further information about mentoring, please see TUM's Mentoring for Scientists.


Once you are registered ad a doctoral candidate on the Doctoral Candidacy List, you can decide whether or not to enrol at the TUM. Enrolling allows you to benefit from certain student discounts, but is not mandatory.

For more details and a a detailed description of the enrolment process, please read the information provided by the TUM GS.

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