The standard doctorate offered at our department corresponds to the traditional path to a doctorate in Germany. The focus in this path lies on your individual scientific work and the production of your doctoral thesis; it demands being proactive and responsible, but it also offers a lot of flexibility.

For application, carefully read the Formal Degree Requirements and use our Online Application Form. Since we will usually not accept updates or supplemental materials, please have the following documents ready for upload before completing and submitting this form:

  • CV
  • Motivational letter
  • Transcripts of Records of your previous university degrees
  • Certificate of your highest university degree
  • 2 letters of reference (1 page each)
  • BSc or MSc Thesis
  • Publications (if available)

Important: For admission as a doctoral candidate (for a standard doctorate), you must first of all get accepted by one of our faculty members to work on your doctoral project and thus have a supervisor at our department. Before filling out the Online Application Form, we therefore recommend:

1. Establish your research interests and areas of preference. We invite you to check up the list of our Research Groups and explore their current projects.
2. If possible, specify an intended research topic and potential supervisors.

Once you have submitted your application, it will be evaluated by the respective professors at our department.

Please note that our chairs do not always have open positions to employ doctoral candidates as research fellows, so other financing options might have to be considered. Please refer to the list of Financing Possibilities on our general Application Information. Once you have been accepted by one of our Research Groups to work on you doctoral project, you can officially register as a doctoral candidate and then become a member of the Faculty Graduate Center ISAM. Please read the Information for graduate students and see also Promoting in Mathematics: Preliminaries.

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