Applicants for the international research training group on “Optimization and Numerical Analysis for Partial Differential Equations with Nonsmooth Structures" (IGDK Munich - Graz) should hold a master's degree in mathematics or related areas with a strong background in one of the fields of numerics, optimization, or analysis.

For application, carefully read the Formal Degree Requirements and use our online application form. Since we will usually not accept updates or supplemental materials, please have the following documents ready for upload before completing and submitting this form:

  • Application letter with an explanation for your interest in at least two of the Core Research Areas of the IGDK
  • CV
  • Certifications of academic qualifications
  • Transcripts of marks from your previous (highest) university degree
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Degree Thesis
  • Peer-reviewed publication (if available)

The IGDK Munich - Graz aims at increasing the proportion of female staff and especially encourages women to apply. This policy applies also to disabled persons.

Once you submit your application, it will be evaluated by the selection committee of the IGDK Munich - Graz.

In case of a successful preselection you will be invited to give a 10- to 12-minute scientific presentation (German or English) in front of the selection committee. Subsequent to the lecture there will be a short interview with the selection committee.

Once you have been accepted by the IGDK Munich - Graz, you can officially register as a doctoral candidate. If you will become a member of IGDK at TUM you will also become a member of the Faculty Graduate Center ISAM. Please read: Information for current graduate students; see: At the beginning of your PhD.

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