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Being the university-wide umbrella organization of the many Faculty and Thematic Graduate Centers at TUM, the TUM Graduate School (TUM-GS) provides an interdisciplinary and international environment for your doctoral research and offers a complementary transferable skills program, as well as other services and counselling for graduate students.

All mathematics graduate students, whether those pursuing a doctoral degree on the standard path and associated with ISAM, or those on the fast-track program TopMath, are members of the TUM-GS and as such must complete the basic program. A wide optional program is open to all members as well.
We have summed up the important information here. For more details please visit TUM-GS’ webpage.

Basic Program

The basic program is mandatory for being awarded a doctoral degree at TUM. It consists of:

  • A two-year membership in the TUM-GS
  • A kick-off seminar at the beginning of your doctorate
  • 6 semester credit hours (SWS) of subject specific qualification
  • A scientific paper or discussion of your work in the scientific community

Please note: Graduate students who registered on the Doctoral Candidacy List before January 2014 are not attached to these regulations. Please read the information on the different versions of the Regulations for the Award of Doctoral Degrees in the section below.

Optional Program

In addition, the TUM-GS encourages all doctoral candidates to develop transferable skills and gain international experiences as part of an optional program by offering a large number of courses for interdisciplinary qualifications and financial support for an individual international research phase.

After a successful interim evaluation, you can get financial support (up to 1600 Euro) for:

  • Research at an academic institution or a research-based industrial company abroad
  • Presentation of your research findings at several international conferences
  • Joint research with international guest scientists at the TUM. Multiple doctoral candidates can use their resources together

For research in international facilities for a period longer than 4 weeks you can apply for additional funding up to 1400 Euro.

For questions concerning application for the internationalization voucher, please contact the Graduate Office.


The TUM-GS offers all doctoral candidates an extensive range of services for all phases of their graduate career. The Welcome Office and Accommodation Center can help you at the very beginning, there is a continuous program of networking events, coaching, career counseling, family services and more! Check out their webpage for detailed information about all these services: TUM-GS' services.

Information on the different versions of the Regulations for the Award of Doctoral Degrees

In general, the regulations valid for your case depend on the date of your registration on the Doctoral Candidacy List. An overview of the different versions of the Regulations and its amendments can be found here.

Whether it is possible to switch from one version of the Regulations to another depends on the relevant transition rules. Please consult the Dean's Office in case you have questions on this subject.

Please note: For doctoral candidates registered after January 1, 2014 this Regulation for the Award of Docotral Degrees is valid!
In this case, the basic program of TUM-GS is mandatory, i.e., you will not be awarded a doctoral degree without its successful completion.

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