Bittracher, Andreas The Generating Structure of Spatial Conformation Dynamics Prof. Dr. Oliver Junge, TUM
Prof. Dr. Carsten Hartmann, U Cottbus
Blasi, Thomas Data-driven Statistical Learning to Model Cellular Heterogeneity Prof. Dr. Dr. Fabian Theis, TUM
Prof. Dr. Julien Gagneur, TUM
Prof. Dr. John Marioni, U of Cambridge
Bongini, Mattia Sparse Optimal Control of Multiagent Systems Prof. Dr. Massimo Fornasier
Prof. Dr. Giorgio Buttazzo, U Pisa
Prof. Dr. Benedetto Piccoli, Rutgers University, Camden, USA
Burkovska, Olena Reduced Basis Methods for Option Pricing and Calibration Prof. Dr. Barbara Wohlmuth, TUM
Prof. Dr. Bernard Haasdonk, U Stuttgart
Feigelmann, Justin Stochastic and deterministic methods for the analysis of Nanog dynamics in mouse embryonic stern cells Prof. Dr. Dr. Fabian Theis, MA TUM
Prof. Dr. Ivo Sbalzarini, TU Dresden
Früchtl, Felix Sturm-Liouville Operator Functions: A General Concept of Multiplicative Operator Functions on Hypergroups Prof. Dr. Rupert Lasser, TUM
Prof. Dr. Herbert Heyer, U Tübingen
Prof. Dr. Lászlo Székelyhidi, U Debrecen
Gaß, Maximilian Georg PIDE Methods and Concepts for Parametric Option Pricing Prof. Dr. Kathrin Glau
Prof. Dr. Christoph Reisinger, U of Oxford
Prof. Dr. Josef Teichmann, ETH Zürich
Gupta, Shubhangi Non-Isothermal, Multi-phase, Multi-component Flows through Deformable Methane Hydrate Reservoirs Prof. Dr. Barbara Wohlmuth, MA TUM
Prof. Dr. Sorin Pop, TU Eindhoven
Haghverdi, Laleh Geometric Diffusions for Reconstruction of Cell Differentiation Dynamics Prof. Dr. Dr. Fabian Theis
Prof. Dr. Massimo Fornasier
Prof. Dr. Mauro Maggioni, Johns Hopkins University, USA
Horger, Thomas Complexity Reduction for Finite Element Methods with Application to Eigenvalue Problems Prof. Dr. Barbara Wohlmuth, TUM
Prof. Dr. Anthony Patera
Prof. Dr. Karen Veroy-Grepl
Hroß, Sabrina Parameter Estimation and Uncertainty quantification for Image Based Systems Biology Prof. Dr. Dr. Fabian Theis
Prof. Dr. Barbara Kaltenbacher, U Stuttgart
Prof. Dr. Christina Kuttler
Kahler, Stefan Characterizations of Orthogonal Polynomials and Harmonic Analysis on Polynomial Hypergroups Prof. Dr. Rupert Lasser, TUM
Prof. Dr. Eberhard Kaniuth, U Paderborn
Prof. Dr. Mourad Ismail, U of Florida
Kech, Michael Constrained Quantum Tomography Prof. Dr. Michael Wolf, TUM
Prof. Dr. Holger Boche, TUM
Prof. Dr. David Gross, U Köln
Klebanov, Ilja Approximation of PDEs with unterlying continuity equations Prof. Dr. Caroline Lasser, MA TUM
Prof. Dr. Christof Schütte, FU Berlin
Prof. Dr. Stefan Teufel, U Tübingen
Kondofersky, Ivan Statistical Modelling of Functional Data from Biological Systems Prof. Dr. Dr. Fabian Theis, TUM
Prof. Dr. Christian Heumann, LMU
Prof. Dr. Jens Timmer, U Freiburg
Kranich, Stefan Continuity in Dynamic Geometry Prof. Dr. Dr. Jürgen Richter-Gebert, MA TUM
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kortenkamp, U Potsdam
Prof. Dr. Elias Wegert, TU Freiberg
Kratzer, Michael Local Methods for Global and Stochastic Problems in Optimal Control Prof. Dr. Oliver Junge, TUM
Prof. Dr. Sina Ober-Blöbaum, U of Oxford
Prof. Dr. Roberto Ferretti, U Roma Tre
Meinel, Martin Distributed and event-triggered optimization in multi-agent networks Prof. Dr. Michael Ulbrich, MA TUM
Prof. Dr. Sandra Hirche, EI TUM
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Sager, U Magdeburg
Milzarek, Andre Numerical Methods and Second Order Theory for Nonsmooth Problems Prof. Dr. Michael Ulbrich
Prof. Dr. Christian Kanzow, U Würzburg
Prof. Dr. Defeng Sun, U Singapur
Neupert, Stephan Foliations and the Cohomology of Moduli Spaces of Bounded Global G-Shtukas Prof. Dr. Eva Viehmann, TUM
Prof. Dr. Laurent Fargues, U Paris
Neykova, Daniela Optimal Investment Strategies under Affine Markov-Switching Models Prof. Dr. Rudi Zagst, MA TUM
Prof. Dr. Ralf Korn, TU Kaiserslautern
Prof. Dr. Marcos Escobar, Ryerson U, Toronto
Peter, Steffen Algorithms for Robust and Fast Sparse Recovery Prof. Dr. Massimo Fornasier, TUM
Prof. Dr. Holger Rauhut, RWTH Aachen
Prof. Dr. Xiaoxiang Zhu, TUM
Reimers, Fabian Separating Invariants of Finite Groups Prof. Dr. Gregor Kemper, MA TUM
Prof. Dr. David Wehlau, Queen's University, Ontario (schriftlich)/
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Bauer, MA TUM (mündlich)
Rischke, Roman Deterministic, Stochastic, and Robust Cost-Aware Scheduling Prof. Dr. Nicole Megow, TUM
Prof. Dr. Marc Uetz, U Twente, Enschede, NL
Schenk, Steffen Exchangeable exogeneous shock models Prof. Dr. Matthias Scherer, MA TUM
Prof. Dr. Fabrizio Durante, U Bozen
Schreiber, Alex Dynamic programming with radial basis functions and Shepard's method Prof. Dr. Oliver Junge, MA TUM
Prof. Dr. Matthias Gerdts, Universität der Bundeswehr
Selch, Daniela A multivariate Cox process with simultaneous jump arrivals and its application in insurance modelling Prof. Dr. Matthias Scherer, MA TUM
Prof. Dr. Hansjörg Albrecher, U de Lausanne
Prof. Dr. Wim Schoutens, KU Leuven, Belgien
Silbernagl, Matthias A Polyhedral Analysis of Start-up Process Models in Unit Commitment Problems Prof. Dr. Peter Gritzmann
Prof. Dr. Alexander Martin, U Erlangen-Nürnberg
Prof. Dr. Thomas Hamacher, TUM
Weiss, Thomas Reflected Brownian motions in the KPZ universality class Prof. Dr. Herbert Spohn, MA TUM
Prof. Dr. Nina Gantert, MA TUM
Prof. Dr. Maurice Duits, U Stochholm
Zinsl, Jonathan Systems of Evolution Equations with Gradient Flow Structure Prof. Dr. Daniel Matthes, MA TUM
Prof. Dr. Alexander Mielke, WIAS Berlin
Prof. Dr. Martin Brokate, MA TUM

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