Albrecht, Sebastian Modeling and Numerical Solution of Inverse Optimal Control Problems for the Analysis of Human Motions Prof. Dr. Michael Ulbrich
Prof. Dr. Martin Buss
Prof. Dr. Matthias Gerdts, Univ. d. Bundeswehr
Au Yeung, Yuen Crystalline order, surface energy densities and Wulff shapes: emergence from atomistic models Prof. Dr. G. Friesecke
Prof. Dr. G. Dolzmann
Prof. Dr. I. Fonseca
Bannör, Karl F. Incorporating parameter risk into derivatives prices - bid-ask pricing and calibration Prof. Dr. M. Scherer
Prof. Dr. Ch. Reisinger
Prof. Dr. R. Korn
Barbarossa, Maria On a class of Neural Equations with State-Dependent Delay in Population Dynamics Prof. Dr. Ch. Kuttler
Prof. Dr. K.-P. Hadeler
Prof. Dr. H.-O. Walther
Bartsch, Christian Particles and populations in random media Prof. Dr. N. Gantert
Prof. Dr. A. Klenke
Prof. Dr. S. Rolles
Bauer, Alexander Xaver Pair-copula construction for non-Gaussian Bayesian networks Prof. Cr. C. Czado
Prof. Dr. H. Joe
Prof. Dr. R. Cooke
Brechmann, Eike Christian Hierarchical Kendall Copulas and the Modeling of Systemic and Operational Risk Prof. Dr. Claudia Czado
Prof. Dr. Dorota Kurowicka, TU Delft
Prof. Dr. Harry Joe, British Columbia
Eisenhofer, Sabine A coupled system of ordinary and partial differential equations modeling the swelling of mitochondria Prof. Dr. R. Lasser
Prof. Dr. D. Langemann
Prof. Dr. M. Ötani
Ferrazzano, Vincenzo Turbulence Modelling by Time-Series Methods:a Non-Parametric Approach Prof. Dr. C. Klüppelberg
Prof. Dr. P. Brockwell
Prof. Dr. J. Schmiegel
Frikel, Jürgen Reconstructions in limited angle x-ray tomography: Characterization of classical reconstructions and adapted curvlet sparse regularization Prof. Dr. B. Forster-Heinlein
Prof. Dr. R. Lasser
Prof. Dr. S. Siltanen
Fuchs, Florian Spectral Analysis of High-Frequency Continuous-Time ARMA Models Prof. Dr. R. Stelzer
Prof. Dr. V. Fasen
Prof. Dr. N. Gantert
Gallenberger, Martina Kernel-based methods for parameter estimation in multidimensional systems PD Dr. W. zu Castell
Prof. Dr. Ch. Kuttler
Prof. Dr. M. Reale
Gölgeli Matur, Meltem Mathematical Modeling of Quorum Sensing: Two Different Approaches Prof. Dr. Christina Kuttler, MA TUM
Prof. Dr. Johannes Müller, MA TUM
Prof. Dr. Fordyce Davidson, U of Dundee, UK
Hieber, Peter Andreas First-exit times and their applications in default risk management Prof. Dr. Mathias Scherer
Prof. Dr. Hansjörg Albrecher, U Lausanne
Prof. Dr. Marcos Escobar, Ryerson U, Toronto
Ilg, Melanie Defaultable term structure models: macroeconomic impact and valuation of complex credit- and inflation-linked derivatives Prof. Dr. R. Zagst
Prof. Dr. R. Kiesel
Prof. Dr. R. Werner
König, Stefan Complexity and approximation of fundamental problems in computational convexity Prof. Dr. P. Gritzmann
Prof. Dr. A. Schulz
Prof. Dr. M. Hernandez Cifre
Kraus, Michael Variational integrators in plasma physics Prof. Dr. E. Sonnendrücker
Prof. Dr. O. Junge
Prof. Dr. P.J. Morrison
Lehl, Martin Control of Planar Pendulum Systems Prof. Dr. J. Scheurle
Prof. Dr. C. Hillermeier
Prof. Dr. G. Diaz Diaz
Reinhardt, Christian Validated computation of connecting orbits in ordinary differential equations Prof. Dr. O. Junge
Prof. Dr. Jean-Philippe Lessard
Prof. Dr. J. Bouwe van den Berg

Stavropoulou, Faidra Generalized Wiener expansions for individual based control: theory and applications Prof. Dr. Johannes Müller, MA TUM
Prof. Dr. Albert Gilg, MA TUM
Prof. Dr. Youssef M Marzouk, MIT, USA
Steinkohl, Katharina Statistical Modelling of Extremes in Space and Time Using Max-Stable Processes Prof. Dr. C. Klüppelberg
Prof. Dr. R.A. Davis
Prof. Dr. Th. Mikosch
Stöber, Jakob Michael Regular vine copulas with the simplifying assumption, time-variation, and mixed discrete and continuous margins Prof. Dr. C. Czado
Prof. Dr. R. M. Cooke
Prof. Dr. A. Patton
Storath, Martin Amplitude and sign decompositions by complex wavelets - Theory and applications to image analysis Prof. Dr. B. Forster-Heinlein
Prof. Dr. R. Lasser
Prof. Dr. G. Steidl
Ueltzhöfer, Florian On the estimation of jumps of continuous-time stochastic processes Prof. Dr. C. Klüppelberg
Prof. Dr. J. Jacod
Prof. Dr. M. Podolskij
von Lösch, Boris A Class of Trust-Region Multilevel Methods Prof. Dr. M. Ulbrich
Prof. Dr. A. Borzi
Prof. Dr. B. Vexler
Würfl, Andreas Spanning Subgraphs of Growing Degree: A Generalized Version of the Blow-up Lemma and its Application Prof. Dr. A. Taraz
Prof. Dr. M. Schacht
Prof. Dr. D. Osthus
Zhigun, Anna Biofilm models with various nonlinear effects: long-time behaviour of solutions Prof. Dr. R. Lasser
Prof. Dr. D. Wrosek
Prof. Dr. A. Yagi

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