Degenfeld-Schonburg, Sina Multipliers for Hypergroups: Concrete Examples, Application to Time Series Prof. Dr. R. Lasser
Prof. Dr. H. Upmeier
Prof. Dr. A. Derighetti, Lausanne
Fink, Holger Stochastic Processes Beyond Semimartingales with Application to Interest Rates, Kredit Risk and Volatility Modeling Prof. Dr. C. Klüppelberg
Prof. Dr. Chr. Kühn
Prof. Dr. Chr. Bender
Held, Stefan Monogenetic Wavelet Frames for Image Analysis Prof. Dr. B. Forster-Heinlein
Prof. Dr. U. Kähler
Prof. Dr. R. Lasser
Hofmann, Michael On Representation and Uniqueness of Invariant Menas on Hypergroups Prof. Dr. Rupert Lasser,
Prof. Dr. Anthony To-Ming Lau,
Prof. Dr. Betram M. Schreiber
Kochler, Thomas Cutoff and Cookies - Interacting Walks in Random Environment Prof. Dr. Nina Gantert
Prof. Dr. Silke Rolles
Prof. Dr. Jonathon Peterson
Kochler, Michael Random Walks in Random Environment: Random Orientation and Branching Prof. Dr. Silke Rolles
Prof. Dr. Nina Gantert
Prof. Dr.Serguei Popov
Lindemann, Florian Theoretical and Numerical Aspects of Shape Optimization with Navier-Stokes Flows Prof. Dr. M. Ulbrich,
Prof. Dr. Ch. Meyer, TU Dortmund
Lindner, Silvia Discrete Optimisation in Machine Learning - Learning of Bayesian Network Structures and Conditional Independence Implication Prof. Dr. Raymond Hemmecke
Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Schultz
Prof. Dr. Ruriko Yoshida
Moser, Martin Extremal Behavior of Multivariate Mixed Moving Average Processes and of Random Walks with Dependent Increments Prof. Dr. R. Stelzer
Prof. Dr. N. Gantert
Prof. Dr. G. Samorodnitsky
Pfaffel, Oliver Eigenvalues of Large Random Matrices with Dependent Entries and Strong Solutions of SDEs Prof. Dr. R. Stelzer, Ulm
Prof. Dr. R. Davis, Columbia
Prof. Dr. C. Klüppelberg
Ritscher, Stephan Degree Bounds and Complexity of Gröbner Bases of Important Classes of Polynomial Ideals Prof. Dr. E. Mayr
Prof. Dr. G. Kemper
Prof. Dr. Ch. Yap, New York University
Roche, Thomas Rate Independent Evolution Processes on Functions of Bounded Variation Prof. Dr. M. Brokate
Prof. Dr. P. Krejci
Prof. Dr. A. Mielke
Ruf, Kathrin Ein mathematisches Modell zur Kryokonservierung lebenden Gewebes Prof. Dr. K.-H. Hoffmann
Prof. Dr. P. Rentrop
Prof. Dr. M. Niezgodka, Warschau
Schmidl, Daniel Bayesian model inference in dynamic biological systems using Markov chain Monte Carlo methods Prof. Dr. Fabian Theis
Prof. Dr. Claudia Czado
Prof. Dr. Achim Tresch
Straub, Sina Transfer Operators in the Context of Orthogonal Polynomials Prof. Dr. Rupert Lasser,
PD Dr. Peter Massopust
Prof. Dr. Palle Jorgensen
Villegas Caballero, Manuel Random Delay Differential Equations: Application to Biofilm Modeling Prof. Dr. Peter Rentrop
Prof. Dr. Martin Kiehl
Prof. Dr. Albert Gilg

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